MNEUMONIX (NEW-MON-ICS) are dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions to your Web Presence, PC, server, and networking requirements.

IT is the beating heart of any business, so don’t leave maintenance, security and your operation to chance.

Whilst the bottom line is king, cutting corners in some areas is false economy.

One of those areas is your IT. Most businesses will attempt to manage IT themselves. Someone knows a little about this, someone else knows something about that, and they struggle through, never realising just how powerful and effective an asset their IT could be in the right hands.

As they say…a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

How much better and less stressful could IT be?

Imagine if someone took complete responsibility for the successful function and operation of all your IT?

Everything from maintenance, support, technical management and long-term planning all taken care of. You could then focus on your strengths, confident in the knowledge that your IT systems will reliably support and enhance your business objectives, not hold them back.

That’s what we do…completely remove your IT headaches. You’re suddenly looking at your IT from a completely different perspective. One that presents you with opportunities you didn’t realise were there and just as important…your competitors don’t have.

Imagine the difference that would make to the day to day running and success of your business.

Our dedicated team of engineers are highly qualified and have attained Chartered status through the British Computer Society and Engineering Council. (C.Eng and CITP). We are on hand to cater for your IT and Computing needs. Our team are specifically selected to provide a friendly, reliable and efficient service and can communicate effectively at all levels.

Our expertise ranges from small, single PC domestic and small-business installations, to multi server networks on a range of platforms. This includes Microsoft Windows, Linux/ UNIX and Novell.

MNEUMONIX offer a range of business solutions specially tailored to meet your needs. Our technicians are on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide maintenance and technical support tailored to your requirements.

Having a website that works drives business

Everyone has a website these days, but the burning question is, how may of them actually work?

It’s important to make that distinction because most of them don’t.

To create a great website, we must first understand why people visit them. They are there for one of four four primary reasons.

     To find information
     To network
     To be entertained
     To make a purchase

Bearing the above points in mind, there are six main reasons why websites fail in their basic structure, even before they begin to market their presence to customers.

Domestic Services

We aim to provide high quality simple IT solutions within your budget. Whatever your home PC problem, however small or large MNEUMONIX are on hand to assist. Services range from set-up of a single PC through to troubleshooting, installation and repair of both hardware and software.

Mneumonix have been providing quality Information Technology services to both business and domestic clients in the North East since 2002.

First established in Houghton le Spring we swiftly moved to a more central location overlooking the River Tyne near the Baltic Centre, Gateshead and from December 2013 we are now based in Durham City.

We provide a wide range of IT services tailor made to cater to the needs of each individual client. If you think Mneumonix can help you with your Information Technology and Information Systems, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you have been asked to pay a deposit for a recent service you have ordered, you may do so via PayPal using the link below. Please remember to include the reference code given to you by Mneumonix.