Design and marketing can’t be approached in an ad-hock fashion if it’s to be successful. There are tried and tested rules that put you on the right track from the off. Getting it right now will prevent you from fumbling around in the dark.

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Everyone has a website these days, but the burning question is, how many of them actually work and generate enquiries?

It’s important to make that distinction because most of them don’t.

To create a great website, we must first understand why people visit them. They are there for one of four primary reasons.
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Be different and stand out from the crowd.

It’s the message that stays in your customers’ heads after they’ve forgotten everything else.

So what exactly is your USP and can you clearly define it? In simple terms, it’s what you say when someone unexpectedly asks you what you do. It doesn’t have to be a single sentence – it might even take a few paragraphs. Which sounds better?
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Aiming your efforts at prospects most likely to buy from you will save a fortune.

Market Segmentation allows you to reach more of the people who will ultimately buy your product, but targeting specific segments may also reduce the competition you face. Finding your niche is often the key to success for small, medium and even large businesses.
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With a little caution and planning you can be certain you’re spending wisely.

The foundation of all good marketing is testing and measuring. If you start implementing new approaches without a system for measuring the results you’ll never achieve the success you’re capable of.
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Identifying Features and Benefits

Most sales processes follow a similar pattern. There is an identified need for your product or service. If your targeting is correct your prospects already want the product or service you provide and you shouldn’t have to persuade them to buy.
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You can do it yourself…right? Well let’s clear that one up straight away… WRONG!

In this computer age the readily available Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Publisher, makes everyone a designer. At least that’s what some would have you think. Although it may seem like a great cost saving move for small and even medium size businesses, the implications of embarking on the DIY design route can work against you in real terms.
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